Since 2017, we have conducted over 60 courses and trainings for about 1,000 Participants, and our Security Center has been visited by over 4,000 Participants.

We are characterized by values and work to improve safety through a high level of training. We follow the principle of humility on the outside and strength on the inside, thanks to which we are primarily represented by our results.


Shooting courses are a very good form of learning the safe and proper use of firearms. Our Schedule includes first step courses for beginners and advanced courses for shooters looking for new methods and issues building their skills.

On a rotating basis, we run courses with the profile:

  • Shooting training pistol – rifle
  • Shooting Accuracy, Advanced Pistol
  • Shooting precision, Rifle distance 100 – 300 m.

See the dates in the 2023 Schedule.


Training in the field of tactics and techniques of the use of firearms, depending on the subject, includes elements of team communication, procedures and manual handling of weapons, target identification, shooting on the move, work on barricades and covers. During trainings of this profile, we try to capture and make the participants aware of the importance of the factor of the right decision and reaction at the time of high stress and fatigue.

On a rotational basis, we conduct trainings with the following profile:

  • Weapons, Tactics, Procedures
  • Force on Force – Taking
  • CQB – Close Quarter Battle
  • VCQB – Vehicle Close Quarter Battle 
  • CRF – Close Range Fighting
  • HEAT – Hostile Environment Awareness Training
  • CP – Close Protection
  • OSINT – Open-Source Intelligence


Medical courses in first aid and battlefield medicine will build the skills needed to respond effectively to emergency situations. Courses include theoretical and practical exercises with an emphasis on effective problem recognition and response.

On a rotating basis, we run courses with the profile:

  • KPP Qualified pre-medical aid
  • BLS Basic Life Support
  • TFR Tactical First Responder
  • TCCC Tactical Combat Casualty Care

See the dates in the 2023 Schedule.

Technical and Professional

Education is one of the ways to dynamic development, additionally affects the quality of performed tasks and allows you to eliminate errors.
We run profile courses on a rotating basis

A. Technical:

  • BCS Building Control System
  • SMS Security Management System
  • BMS Building Management System
  • Cybersecurity – network and machine protection
  • OSINT Open Source Intelligence

B. professional:

  • KPOF
  • LOK Shooting leader


The purpose of industry training is to improve skills and professional qualifications needed to perform work, including in particular:

  • getting acquainted with the latest technologies,
  • getting acquainted with devices, tools and other technical equipment,
  • getting to know the specifics of working in real conditions,
  • improving practical skills in applying theoretical knowledge,
  • establishing professional contacts,
  • improving interpersonal skills in direct contact with employees,
  • recognition of employment needs and opportunities.

Training schedule

Familiarize yourself with our training schedule, if you have any questions, we are here to help.

Keep an eye on our social media as we publish dates and types of courses not listed in the regular Schedule through them.

See the dates in the 2023 Schedule.

Keep an eye on our social media as we publish dates and types of courses not listed in the regular Schedule.