Technical security

Our technicians design, optimize and implement advanced technical security systems dedicated to the most demanding customers. First of all, we provide a reliable approach to each project and implementation. Regardless of the decision whether you choose building automation, electrical installations, CCTV camera systems for your home or small business, or advanced teletechnical installations, everything will be designed from scratch and introduced to the infrastructure of facilities with due accuracy.

Security Level Expertise

Our expertise is based on many years of experience in the industry and a detailed analysis of each component of the tested system. We conduct tests, search for deficiencies and errors in order to present a report containing a factual summary. The conclusions based on the report are used to develop recovery plans, modernization projects or a comprehensive replacement option towards modern technology.

Modernization of systems

We comprehensively deal with the implementation of completely new solutions, which are created with a view to even more efficient and effective operation of your facility. Reconstructions and modernizations performed by our team are carried out in such a way that it is possible for our contractors to conduct business during the day. We make every effort to ensure that the changing process is as painless as possible for you and your clients. We offer the possibility of implementing new solutions, adapting to the expectations and needs of the client. As part of the reconstruction and modernization, we perform, among others:

● adapting systems to changes in arrangement,
● layout of cameras and lights,
● reconstruction and operation of new installations,
● modernization and implementation of new signaling systems,
● standardization of electrical switchboards.

If you are thinking about modernizing the infrastructure of your facility or its thorough reconstruction – we strongly encourage you to contact us. During the consultation, we will present solutions and their economic efficiency calculation. We will prepare a preliminary cost estimate without charging you with costs

Alarm and AC Systems

We create and assemble modern alarm installations for individual clients and access control systems consisting of many elements cooperating with each other for institutional clients.

When designing and building, we rely on the best quality and proven components that, with proper maintenance, serve reliably for years. Currently available technologies allow for the creation of very extensive access control and notification systems. It is possible to control virtually every process that takes place within the controlled zone. Thanks to such solutions, the administrator can instantly manage access, grant and withdraw permissions, control the number of people evacuated or still staying in the danger or fire zone.

Depending on your needs, we will make a small system controlled and controlled from a smartphone. We will design and build a network of devices that will be managed from the supervision and control position of the organizational unit.

Our technical security systems are dedicated to the most demanding customers and enterprises whose main priority is to protect their know-how and intellectual property.

CCTV Monitoring Systems

We create and install modern video monitoring systems for individual clients and closedcircuit television consisting of many elements cooperating with each other for institutional clients. When designing and building, we rely on digital cameras and recorders that process the image in high quality. The funds invested in the installation of CCTV monitoring pay off very quickly when obtaining evidence when there is a burglary, theft, damage to property or other unfortunate events. In addition, the cameras presented in the building also act preventively and can dissuade a potential thief.

The currently used technologies allow to obtain a very detailed image with sound. It is possible to install a set of cameras that are additionally equipped with analytical modules that detect movement after crossing the designated virtual zone. Thanks to this solution, information about a potential threat is provided on an ongoing basis, which makes it possible to take immediate action if an intruder appears in the facility.

Depending on the needs, we will make a small system for home and business or we will design and build an advanced CCTV monitoring system integrated with the alarm system, with image analytics for the work of security agents or monitoring station operator.

Building Automation BMS

We create and install modern BMS systems (Building Management System) which are building automation systems that provide the ability to monitor and manage all devices and systems in the building and its surroundings. The system used to manage lighting, heating, air-conditioning and alarm installations enables their more convenient and effective use, and even transforms a building into a Smart House facility.

In addition to traditional electrical installations, we currently install BMS security systems:

  • access and entry control system
  • burglary and assault alarm system
  • fire alarm system
  • gas detection system
  • flood protection system
  • presence simulation
  • control of external window blinds
  • guaranteed power system
  • control of systems in alarm states
  • heating/cooling and ventilation control
  • lighting control
  • energy and media consumption monitoring system
  • a system for managing and optimizing the distribution and consumption of energy and utilities
  • power and electricity consumption management system
  • guaranteed power system

Teletechnical installations

We offer various types of electrical and teletechnical installations that are tailored to the customer’s needs. We take an active part in the entire process, from design and implementation to acceptance and periodic service. Over the years, we have gained experience by working with an increasing number of clients. We are able to offer you professional performance of all types of installations – both low- and high-current. We provide competent technical advice at every stage of the project, we are not afraid of difficult topics, regardless of the degree of complexity

Online Support and Consultation

Feel free to contact us and arrange a consultation during which our specialists will help you with any issues. It’s best to talk about important matters – security is worth it.