Thanks to our professionalism and commitment to the entrusted tasks, we have gained the trust and recognition of our clients in Poland and in the European Union. In addition to physical protection and technical security services, we also provide consulting and supervision services in the field of physical security of individuals and businesses. Protectal's structure is based on four departments that are at the constant disposal...

Audit - risk assessment

Physical security audit for business.

The security audit program implemented by us is aimed at preparing a detailed evaluation/assessment of the level of technical security of our clients’ infrastructure, as well as control of the implementation of physical protection procedures, the implementation of which affects the maximization of the level of security of the client’s know-how, as well as the life and health of people on the protected area.

SECURITY CONCEPT - security model planning

Consulting in the security process.

Our clients using the consulting service receive a full range of support from us in managing the risk process in a dedicated area. Our specialists create individual security concepts, on the basis of which the physical security policy of an organization or investment is built. The consulting service also enables our clients to receive individual security procedures adapted to the conditions of the facilities and the requirements of our clients. Their correct application has a significant impact on the level of the crisis management process in the protected area, as well as the implementation of ongoing activities related to the security of the organization.

Thanks to the acquired knowledge and experience in project management, we offer our clients supervision over the scope of physical protection in their organizations. This modern model of security management makes the control over the enforcement of the terms of security services provided by all external entities a convenient and transparent solution for our clients, maximizing their sense of security and satisfaction with the task entrusted to us.

Static and mobile protection

Thanks to our comprehensive physical protection solutions, we provide our clients with support in the form of qualified employees delegated to protect the indicated areas and facilities. The multidirectional operational nature of our security services also allows us to carry out our tasks in the form of delegating mobile security patrols, as well as technical supervision teams over security systems such as CCTV, access control and alarm devices.


Thanks to the close protection service, our specially dedicated staff will provide VIP protection as well as the full range of logistical support required during the implementation of this service. Our service is based on many years of experience in the personal protection sector in Poland and abroad. The quality of our services and the professionalism of our operators have been repeatedly appreciated by foreign guests of our clients and our partners, who entrusted us with their safety during business meetings, transport and securing their property.

Online Support and Consultation

In response to the changing security trends and digitization, we decided to meet you and prepare a special offer for online consultations.

Our offer is an individual offer, thanks to which our clients choose between a one-time, one-hour consultation with our specialists, and a monthly subscription enabling constant access to our consulting services.

For our new customers, we have prepared a special offer for a monthly subscription to our services. We are already offering you a free monthly online consulting welcome package, thanks to which you will discover the advantages of this modern solution affecting the process of physical security of your business!